Standard Rides - Daily 60 minute nature trekking

Saturday, December 01, 2012
Posted by: Super User

These are our standard rides that are held on a daily basis throughout the year. This ride is a 1 hour ride which would take you cross country tracks through a historic nature park located in the North West of Malta, along cliff tops overlooking 2 of Malta’s most popular beaches and usually is available during mid-morning and in the afternoon.

We can take any level of experienced riders including people that have never touched a horse as we would lead your horse by lead rain and leave you plenty of time to relax and adjust yourself to the feel of horse riding and if you feel adventurous we even have horses that do not require a lead rain and be able to ride alone! For the more experienced riders we also have the more suitable horses available but please make sure you detail your level of experience upon booking or at the stables and be evaluated by one of our instructors.

The price for this ride is €20 per person and if you book through this website we will refund your public transport ticket upon presentation of your ticket at the stables.